Friday, August 26, 2005

About Cell Phones and high gas prices

While I do think the invention of the cell phone is a valuable technology, I do believe the majority of people have become more rude because of them. I have had people crash their carts into me while at the market because they were yapping on their cell phones and not paying attention.

As for escalating gas prices, I really dont have much sympathy for the whiners, especially those with SUVs. For years people existed without them. If you bought into the hype that you needed an SUV, thats your problem. There is no endless supply of gasoline. Its time people stop being so selfish. There are many ways one can save on gas such as car pooling and public transportation.

Tax credits will be available for those purchasing or leasing a hybird vehicle and that is a much better incentive than a tax deduction.

These cars represent the future and more and more hybrids are being developed.